The Helmet – Personal Narrative

Nicole Long, Staff Editor/Staff Writer

This personal narrative won an Honorable Mention in the 2017-2018 UVU Writing Contest.


Who would have known that simple Friday would be the day that I learned, the hard way, to listen to my mom. Today looks beautiful, I thought looking around me. The sun lit up the sky in beautiful rays of a soft light blue. It truly is amazing how colors work in our world. Faint white clouds streak the sky while little shaped dots fly in different directions far away. The bottom of the skies are tipped with tree tops that dot the border of the neighborhood I’m walking in.

Houses line the sides of the streets, each with a fence made of metal, wood, or plastic. I walk onto a driveway where a cute brown puppy with fluffy ears howls at me from the yard for entering his property without his permission. I smile at the familiar yapping and silliness of the puppy. “Kiba, you know me, you silly puppy!” I exclaim reaching over the fence to rub his small muzzle. I reach the porch and knock on the white front door while the wind chimes beautifully sound in my ears.

A young and beautiful blonde girl, with Carolina Blue eyes, opens the front door. A wide smile spreads across my face as I look at my best friend, Hannah. She grabs my hand and yanks me inside her house with a swish of a door closing behind me. I unconsciously take off my shoes by habit, and look around at the unforgettable interior.

To my right, a set of stairs leading to the basement, cuts off the tile from the fuzzy beige carpet. A short wall-like ledge, covered in exotic and brightly colorful flowers, lines the pathway and stops right before the stairway entrance. Three arches separate different parts of the house. Hannah leads me through the one on my left.

I stride into the living room where I am met with two love seats, and a sofa. Hannah sits down beside me on the overstuffed sofa, and begins bouncing up and down. “What are you so excited for?” I ask in between giggles.

“Do you think you could sleepover tonight? I have amazing plans for tomorrow, and I want you to join me!” Hannah begins to fiddle with pipe-cleaners taped to a popsicle stick–a habit for her ADHD.

“I would love to, I just need to ask my mom.” I walk toward another archway connected to the kitchen, and pick up the landline phone on the desk in the dining room. I dial my mom’s phone number.

“Hello?” My mother’s melodic voice rings out through the speaker.

“Hi Mommy, could I sleepover at Hannah’s house tonight? She has some plans for tomorrow and asked me to join her.”

“Sure Baby, just come by in a bit to get your stuff, okay? Bring Hannah so you aren’t alone. Don’t forget your helmet, okay?”

“Sure Mom,” as I roll my eyes. “I’ll be there soon!” I hang up and run back to Hannah, while stubbing my toe on the corner of the wall. I yelp and hobble through the pain back to the living room. Hannah giggles hysterically when she sees me stumbling, and laughs harder when I tell her about my toe.

“Come on, let’s go grab my stuff.” Hannah and I walk out into her garage to grab my scooter that I left behind. She grabs hers as well. We push our scooters outside onto the heated sidewalk and we begin our journey to my house.

“Let’s have a race, okay? Whoever gets there first gets the last ice pop in my freezer!” Hannah challenges. “You’re on!”, I exclaim.

I take off down the sidewalk with Hannah right on my tail. I look back at her, but my long brown hair flies in my face. I turn back to see some uneven concrete just ahead of us. “Watch out,” I warn Hannah. Our scooters rumble across the ground like an earthquake, but we make it across without falling.

I look at the ground in front of me, to keep a lookout for anything that could make one of us fall. I look behind me as Hannah starts swerving to entertain herself. A sudden stop and jolt whips my head back toward the front, but all I see is the concrete colliding with my face with a loud THWACK.

A flash of red and black envelops my vision. I have to use all of my energy to pull my eyes open. Hannah is kneeling beside me screaming and crying at the same time. I see a dark puddle of crimson slowly spreading beneath my face. “What should I do?!?” Hannah screams. “I’m so scared! How do I help you?!”

My voice is scratchy as I tell her to get help from the people who live in one of the nearby houses. The last thing I see is a blur of Hannah with a woman in red. Black takes over my sight once again.

I wake up briefly when I am getting picked up and getting put in a crimson van. I feel tingly with something wet and sticky dripping down my face, but I can’t tell what it is because of the throbbing in my head making it difficult to focus. I see a dark puddle on the concrete outside the window before I get taken over by the darkness once again.

When I wake up, I’m sitting on a soft and comfy rocking chair in a bedroom with light blue antique bedding and thin lacy curtains. I recognize this bedroom. This is Debbie’s room, Hannah’s mom. I try to move my head, but the throbbing overwhelms me. I use all my energy to put my hand to my head. I feel a damp cloth on my forehead, when I hear a wet sniffle beside me.

I turn my head barely to see Hannah rocking herself back and forth on the floor with her head between her legs and her arms wrapped around them. My voice won’t work, so I try to clear my throat to get her attention. Her head snaps up and she quickly barrels over to me, and wraps me in a gentle hug.

“Oh Nicole, I never thought you were going to wake up! Your mom is coming to take you to the hospital. You’re bleeding really bad from your head.”