Movies of 2019

Alan Pipkin, Staff

2019 is full of anticipation for new movie releases. With movies like Spider Man: Far From Home, Avengers: End Game, and Toy Story 4, there seems to be an option for everyone. Even some reboots (which are remakes of movies) are coming around like Lion King and Aladdin. Childhood movies have been recreated and enhanced with today’s technology in the movie industry.

Colt Roundup interviewed 25 year old Chris Denver, who has always enjoyed going to watch movies and is now happy to see his childhood memories, on his thoughts on a few of the 2019 movies. He said,   “I am excited for many of the movies that are coming out, the movies from Disney, Marvel and DC are going to be very good, in my opinion.” 

When asked about the Lion king remake he said, “I remember my parents taking me to the original Lion King in theaters. I was so excited for the CGI remake. All I hope is that they don’t add or take away characters.”

Cold Roundup also asked Denver about the next installment in the Toy Story movies, Toy Story 4. Denver said,  “I think Toy Story 4 will be sad because they might decide to end the series and show the toys together with Andy again, but when he is older and has children. I can’t wait for that movie.” Denver is also interested in the new Marvel movies. He said, “I know that they will be very exciting and sad because the entire lore in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) could be changed in the next Avengers movie. Also the trailer for Spider Man: Far From Home does show many hints that Tony Stark (Iron Man) has died. If it is true, then that can shake so much in the MCU because of all the things that Iron Man did. He made Spider Man’s suit, he helped the Avengers get bigger, and he made so much technology on the MCU’s Earth.” Denver feels differently about the movie Glass, which is a sequel to the movie Split. He said, “I am not gonna watch the movie when it comes out because I think it is a quick cash grab from the movie Split. In the movie they are just adding some characters and changing up the plot a bit.”

With remade movies and superhero movies starting and ending, the movies after 2019 will never be the same again.