Avid: College prep at Cottonwood!


Josh Ball, Staff Writer

AVID is a college preparatory class that is taught at Cottonwood High School. AVID is an acronym for Advancement via Individual Determination. The class takes a student oriented approach to education. Enrollment consists of students who need or want to be in AVID. The class does not have formal prerequisites, but teachers are looking for students who have a desire to succeed. AVID has a partnership with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, an organization that helps underprivileged kids access opportunities in the CHS community. 

In the class, students focus on success, preparing to go on to college, and enhancing organizational skills. At the beginning of class, students present a TRF. A TRF is a tutorial request form that students use to ask a question from one of their classes. A tutor from the community or nearby college helps in the best way possible. TRFs are a good way to make sure students have a complete understanding of  class content.  

In Cottonwood High School’s AVID class, students have the opportunity to sign up for a Big Brothers Big Sisters mentorship. Then a community member is assigned to mentor students during their high school career. After the application is complete, they set up a meeting with the director of the program at Cottonwood High School. AVID students talk with them about their educational goals and plans for college.  They try to place students with the best fit mentor: someone who has experience in the field they would like to be in.

AVID teaches organizational skills, like keeping a neat binder and taking adequate notes. Students use Cornell Notes as a technique to question their notes and develop a better understanding of them. The class teacher goes over binders to make sure work is neat and orderly. This makes it easier to turn in complete assignments. 

AVID participants meet many new people and make new friends. It’s a little safe haven within a chaotic school. New acquaintances truly affect students’ lives for the better, and students learn skills that will help them in higher education. This class is a good opportunity for anyone at Cottonwood High School.