You’re Taking Water For Granted


Peyton Jensen, Staff Writer

How much water do you drink a day? According to, the recommended amount of water a day is eight 8 oz cups of water. Most people aren’t even close to getting that amount of water a day. Water is the most important thing for humans to live, yet most of us take it for granted, and don’t drink enough of it.

First, let’s look at the health benefits of drinking the recommended amount of water in a day, according to medicalnewstoday. The first major benefit of water is that it keeps us hydrated. There are plenty of people that you and I know who never drink any water. You may not feel the need to drink throughout the day, if you are drinking other liquids like milk or soda, but water is much healthier for you. Water also helps circulate blood and deliver oxygen in your body. With adequate water, the majority of your body functions & health can be boosted extravagantly. Things like your skin, blood pressure, joint functions, and much more can all be improved just by drinking water!

So, if water is so healthy, why do most people around us not drink it? Well, according to, 1 in 3 Americans drink soda or other sugar based drinks daily. And, according to the CDC, 1 in 10 Americans have diabetes. The main cause of diabetes is not candy or cake, it’s soda and super sugary drinks. I understand the appeal of sugary drinks, I just try to limit them, due to the fact that water is much healthier, and it’s generally free. If those 1 in 3 Americans were to switch to drinking water rather than sugar based drinks, it would improve health, and save them money. I’m not saying not to have sugar based drinks, I’m just saying that you can save a little money and improve your health by drinking water instead. There are other alternatives too, such as home-brewed tea sweetened with honey, or an unsweetened coffee, rather than one with 70 grams of sugar from Starbucks.

Another issue, is how much people take water for granted. In 3rd world countries, like India and parts of Africa, clean pure water is very hard to get and people are dying because of it. According to, dehydration is the second leading cause of death for children under five in Africa. People in Africa are dying because they can’t get clean water, and we have full time access to clean water, but we choose to drink something much worse for our health.

When interviewed, Cottonwood sophomore, Kaden Young, said that he prefers soda over water. Which is understandable, but he also said he usually drinks a soda a day. I personally am not a huge fan of soda, I drink about 1 a month, I usually just drink water, and when I want a good drink, I just brew a cup of tea and put some honey in. I’m not saying you shouldn’t drink soda, I’m just trying to put some facts out there so people know the health benefits of water and the bad things about soda.

To recap, water is a basic unit needed to survive, and people are just putting it to the side these days (at least in my experience). Water is one of the most healthy things you can put into your body. It also boosts many vital functions in your body. Water is a much healthier alternative to soda, and it only makes sense to drink because it saves you money too. People in other countries are dying because they don’t have access to water, and most Americans hardly drink water. It just doesn’t add up to me.