The Mighty Chaparral Colts


Drill team hosted a show on March 5th.

Anthony Hernandez, Staff Writer

Cottonwood hosts one of the “most competitive dance teams and that is drill” says drill team member Sally Tran. For those who don’t know, drill is a sport that involves 5 main routines. These routines include military, dance, kick/character, lyrical, and hip-hop. Drill members don’t just compete in competitions. They also perform at football and basketball games and even at school assemblies.

Cottonwood’s drill team practiced Monday-Friday from 6-9 AM for most of the summer. Then when school started, they trained on A-days from 6-8:30 AM. When October rolled around, they added Saturday practices from 7-11 AM. Practice mainly consists of running and rehearsing their routines.They even deep clean their routines. Cleaning in drill means that they go through every count of the dance and make sure everyone is doing the same move, so that they all dance as one.

Every single drill team member feels loved and welcomed in the team. Chaparral Ashley Gay said, “I love being on drill. The friendships that I have made on the team are incomparable to any other friendships. Drill has taught me how to work hard and not give up. I love this sport so much, and I am so glad I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of drill. The coaches are our biggest supporters. They want us to to our best and motivate us to keep going. They do so much for us and we couldn’t be more thankful for them!” Indeed, even if they mess up one thing, or if someone falls, they pick each other up, and do it again because “the sisterhood is unbreakable,” says Sally Tran.

There are 21 drill team members, and the 3 coaches include Kelsea McGregor, Sami Higgins, and Haylie Smith. Kelsea is the head coach, Haylie and Sami are the assistant coaches. “They’re all amazing and inspiring women that our entire team adore and look up to,” said Sally Tran. Ashley Gay agreed.

The drill team has competition during their comp season (short for competition season), and then they have a showcase of all of their competition routines at the end of the year. After the showcase, they go on a team trip. At region this year, they took 4th place. Ashley Gay says , “Drill has taught me how to work hard and not give up.” Indeed, they have been showing other schools how hard they work and how much improvement and success Cottonwood’s drill team has had since their training began at the start of summer.