High-end vs Drugstore


Sara Alshammary, Staff Writer

One stroll in Sephora is all it takes to make you believe you suddenly need every new eyeshadow palette and matte lipstick within sight. But do you really need all the high-end brand makeup to look amazing? There’s a lot of drugstore brands that may surprise you. Some of their makeup is just as good (or even better) than some high-end makeup.

Colt Roundup interviewed Noor Saba Sadat, a Cottonwood High School student. Colt Roundup asked Sadat if she was interested in makeup and if prices matter. Sadat said, “If the product is worth the money then I think it’s okay if the price is high.” Sadat’s friend, Lily Galeno, agreed. Sadat also said, “Not everything you own should be expensive makeup; there is so many high end dupes at the drugstore.” Galeno added, “Not all expensive makeup works out for everyone, I use drugstore and I think it works just as well.”

There is not only drugstore makeup and high-end makeup. In 2019, we have websites like Morphe, Colourpop, and BH Cosmetics, which are considered on the cheaper scale of makeup prices. A lot of big makeup artists like Jeffree Star, James Charles, Jaclyn Hill have collaborated with websites like Morphe. Colourpop has worked and produced palettes with Bretman Rock, and BH cosmetics has just launched an eyeshadow palette with Sylvia Gani.

Colt Roundup also interviewed a junior at Cottonwood High School, Nevaeh Fuli. Fuli said, “In my experience I’ve had equally great quality from drugstore products and being able to not spend so much money on products that won’t last forever is a win-win situation.” We asked Fuli if she would rather use high-end or drugstore makeup and she said, “I would much rather use drugstore products because not only is it affordable but it works just the same and lasts as long as high end products, plus you can look cute on a budget.”

Noor Saba Sadat, Lily Galeno, and Nevaeh Fuli they all had similar things to say. They all said they would rather find good drugstore products and stick with it. Fuli told Colt Roundup, “I’ve been using the same products for 2 years and they work for me.” They all agreed that using affordable makeup is better than high end.