Becoming, By Michelle Obama


Front cover of Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Josh Ball, Staff Writer

Becoming is a memoir written by Michelle Obama. It was published in 2018 by Crown Publishing Group. Obama has this book organized into five sections of her life. It starts with “Becoming Me,” continues to “Becoming Us,” and  “Becoming More,” and then ending with an epilogue and acknowledgments. Obama began her journey on the south side of Chicago in an upstairs apartment where she shared a room with her brother, Craig.

Becoming is not the first autobiography written by Obama; she has written others, but this is the first with a deeper look into her life and feelings before, during, and after her husband’s presidency. Becoming is very well written. You can truly see her point of view from the diction she uses to describe her feelings and the environment she was in during her early life. Through this book you feel her twist and turns. The way Obama wrote Becoming truly humanizes her family and their struggles.  

Becoming, in my opinion, is a good read for anyone. Regardless of age or reading level. This book has the ability to create a connection with anyone in the world no matter your current circumstances. Obama has truly opened her arms and welcomed anyone and everyone who is willing to spend the time to read into her life. In the middle of the book there are 17 pages with pictures of Obama and her family. This leaves an impression that she is also a person with struggles and triumph stories.

Michelle Obama’s Becoming is a story of ups and downs with a lot of growth in between. It is an easy read with a very sophisticated  meaning hidden between the text. To get a lot out of this book, read slowly, don’t rush it. Think about the meaning she would want someone to discover and how to benefit from her lessons in any way possible.