Run Colts Run!


Track runner Tony Hernandez races down as he finishes his grueling workout

Anthony Hernandez, Staff Writer

Cottonwood High School hosts “one of the best sports ever! And that’s track” says long distance runner and freshmen Crew Simpson. Track and Field involves events such as long distance, mid-distance, sprints, and throwing events. Cottonwood’s track team has around 60-70 students (most are new to track).

Mr. Baker, Cottonwood’s track Coach, held a meeting for students who are interested in running track and field on October 28th, 2018. Many new students came and signed up. Coaches Baker, Bagley, and Daney introduced themselves and explained the requirements and expectations for team members. Baker, a biology teacher at Cottonwood, is coaching students who plan to run long or mid-distances. Bagley, a weight training teacher for Cottonwood, is coaching kids who want to sprint. Daney is coaching high jumping.

Practice for winter training began the Monday after Thanksgiving. Practices are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Baker explained that for the winter training season, “We’re going to keep it real easy, and we’re going to do a lot of weight lifting. And starting in December we’ll start our base mileage. So we’re going to be focusing on a lot of mileage – get some mile repeats in there. And then starting in mid-January about 6 weeks in, we start our pre-season stuff, keep up the mileage, but we’re going to pick up the speed and make sure the kids are healthy. And by March we are going to be full competition mode.”

Pre-season training for track “went very well” says runner Lilly Evans. One of their pre-season races was at the Olympic Oval. This was the Utah Distance Challenge, where athletes are either long distance or mid-distance. Athletes compete in the 400, 800, 1600 or 3200 meter races. The meet started at 5:30 pm and continued until 10:00 pm. For the boys’ long distance, Cody Madsen ran a 4:51 in the mile. Girls’ Long distance runner Lilly Evans ran a 6:01 in the mile. Mid-distance boys’ runner, Wilkerlin Sintyl, ran a 2:20 in the 800 meter. And for girls’ Mid-distance, Juliana Banks ran a 2:50 in the 800 meter race.

They might be a small team, compared to other schools’ teams, but they’ve shown that size doesn’t matter. On April 13th, 2019, the track team had a meet at Taylorsville High School, and took 5th out of the 20 other schools. “No matter how small the team, we can still beat other top schools, because we are strong, we are Cottonwood!” says runner Skyler Watts. Indeed they have shown even a small team like Cottonwood can still beat top teams like American fork and Olympus.