SBOs of Cottonwood High School


Communications Sydnie Butler

Anthony Hernandez, Staff Writer

The Student Body Officers, also known as SBOs, are students who are in the senior class. They organize dances, assemblies, and help make the school better. SBOs are monitored by Amy Thomas, who is the SBO adviser and the health science teacher. SBO positions include president, vice president, boys ASC, girls ASC, historian, communications, artist, and secretary. Here are a few of the student body officers, their positions, and what they do in their positions.

The communications officer is senior, Sydnie Butler. She helps organize assemblies, school dances, games, and reads announcements on Kolt news. Butler says, “I decided to run for SBO because I wanted to be more involved at the school! I already love going to games and assemblies, so I thought it would be fun to organize school events!”

The next position is the boys and girls ASC, which is run by Summer Hanks and Ben Ostler. They plan and coordinate all the dances. One Cottonwood student said, “The dances, so far all of them, including prom, have been really fun, and I am glad I voted for them last year.”

The next position is SBO president, which is Max Dunbar. He “leads assemblies, and makes sure the rest of the student body officers are staying on track and doing their job,” says President Max Dunbar. An anonymous Cottonwood student mentioned, “He has made this school really awesome, and he is just an awesome human being!” He has proven that he is by far one of the most liked SBO Presidents here at Cottonwood, and he’s done that by helping others, being a good example for the freshmen, and the rest of the school.

Overall, no matter what the position of an SBO is, they have very big tasks, and for all the students in the class of 2019, they’ve shown that no matter how big the job is, they can do it. They have made the school “a lot of fun” says Butler. They have worked hard on making sure that all the school dances, activities, and sporting events, will be really fun for the school.