Big Budha at Cottonwood!


Jonah Hunic

Big Budha with the Cottonwood Student Body Officers.

Josh Ball, Staff Writer

Big Budha best known for his work on Fox 13 visited Cottonwood on September 4th, 2019. Budha is on a project called Cool School, where he travels around the state to a “cool school” and showcases them on Fox 13. We have had the privilege to showcase our special talents and have him interview different students from sbo’s to dancers. 

Budha said “ Both of my parents were teachers, teachers are the foundation of the world. People usually talk about the lawyers and doctors but where would they be without teachers.”

Prior to joining Fox 13, Big Budha worked on radio stations. Budha said “When I worked on radio in northern California, we had a Cool School program and we would give out lunches and would shoutout schools on air, I really wanted to continue that on fox 13 news, so I did.”

Cottonwood highschool is special for many reasons, from diversity to art programs. We have so much to offer to the community. It is a very special event for Budha to be able to showcase our hidden treasures sometimes hidden from the outside world. Budha had a peek into the world of our students lives, shown the robotics team and their work. (Pic 3) He also visited the drill team, baseball team, Student body officers and choirs. 

 Terri Roylance the Principal at Cottonwood Highschool said “ He’s here to focus on schools and schools are for kids, so no adults were interviewed.” His time here was spent on the kids of Cottonwood, he didn’t want to focus on the teachers and their accomplishments that usually are broadcast throughout the community. The smaller victories of the students have a larger impact to him. 

Jonah Hunic
Student Journalist Josh Ball interviews Big Budha
Jonah Hunic
Big Budha Interviewing Robotics Student