Diverse Girls’ Soccer Team Demonstrates Sportsmanship, and Improvement


Photo by: Salma Escallon

Salma Escallon, Contributor; Hunter Hudson, Contributor; Litzi Flores, Contributor

The girls’ soccer team demonstrated several noteworthy traits this season.

“Something that differentiates our team from other teams is our diversity, we have a big range of diverse students on our team, but also our sportsmanship. We are definitely one of the nicest teams,” said Antonia Smith, co-coach. Chris Wood is the other co-coach of the team. 

Some highlights of this season were the wins against Tooele and Payson.

“We ended on a really good note, we improved so much during the season, we ended up winning two games and one of them was [played on] our senior night, so we were super excited about that,” said Smith. 

Kylie Nichols, the captain of the girls’ soccer team, shared why she thinks her team does well: “We’ve played together for so long, and that has strengthened our chemistry so at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter if we win or lose.”

Players also have the opportunity to make new friends on the soccer team.

As Nichols said, “Partnership training has also helped me socially and helped me improve the relationships I have with my friends.”

In the future, the team is looking to improve their patience and flexibility, as well as their communication.

According to Smith, “Our goal is to minimize the number of goals that we have against us this year because last year we struggled with people scoring on us, but this year we have an awesome goalie[Kya Budge]. She’s number two in the state with the number of saves she has, so she’s amazing.” 

The current team is made up of 19 players and achieved better results in comparison to last year’s. Now they want to improve how they promote the team.

“We only had 19 girls on the team, but we need 30 to 35, so we really want to push that out there,” said Smith. 

The team also proved to be welcoming and friendly to new players.

“We don’t get mad at each other when we mess up, so that’s nice,” said Brooke Ibonez, a new player this year. Alivia Hutton said, “Everyone on the team is nice, we are so close that we don’t take anything personally”. 

When asked for advice for potential new players, the members said “Just do it, join the varsity team, you’ll get minutes, get to play, and have some fun.”

Ms. Smith also stated that tryouts are before each school year starts, so students should be aware of that if they are planning to join the soccer team this upcoming year.