Suicide Rates

Norain Rasheed, reporter

Across the world there are major deaths but by far suicde is the most and is increasing every year. Suicide is the most leading way to death in the United States. Utah is one of the common states that has a high percent for suicide. 

Main sighs of suicide. One of the main ways you can tell a person has suicidal thoughts  is the lack of joy. Second, is not caring and giving away belongs. Third is random mood swings. Finally, is random calls or texts of saying goodbye in a low tone. Alisa Webb a social worker said, “Being aware and ask about suicide”

Suicide isn’t known to be an impulsive act to those who thought or considered it, to them it may seem like the most and only logical solution. The death method use most common is fire arms for both women and men. Second, is known to be suffocation. Things like drowning themselves and hanging and so forth. Third, is poisoning. things like drug overdose which is the most common one. 

Statistics show on average 123 suicides per day. 3.53x Men die by suicide often then women. suicide is the 10th most leading death in the United States. Suicide rates is raising by 1% every year and sky rocket from 1999 by 46.5%. 1.4 million attempted suicide that were estimated in 2017. Ages 10-14 were most likley leaded to suicide. 

Here are some tips to help those you love or even yourself to prevent suicide or the thoughts of suicide. First, talked to a trusted adult or guardian or someone they look up to.  Second, look out for mood swings or change of daily activity. Third, try confronting them about suicide. Finally, always keep in mind that pain doesn’t last long, that it’s temporary. But suicide is permanent and theirs no going back. Alisa Webb said “ Talk about mental health and opening up the conversation.”