Jazelyn Kehaulani, Author

Should dancing with socks be allowed? In cottonwood high schools dance room this question is thought apond a lot. Some kids fight for the rights to wear their socks during dance, but this can cause major safety issues.

¨You can obviously slip and fall and really hurt yourself like breaking your ankle, ̈ said Angela Gagliardi-campos. Like other rules this is a main rule in the classroom. Gagliarfi herself has seen student slip and fall due to socks. Luckily no injuries but after these incidents the students would have a sore body and feel really embarrassed.

“If the floor is too sticky for your feet then we need socks. So really it depends on the floor” Although this is a safety issue Gagliardi will let socks pass due to other kids discomfort for the floor.

̈ ̈Socks are an important part of dance. You can use socks to glide easily. But they can make you slip. Your feet will grip the floor a lot easier if you are barefoot. You aren’t always spinning and turning ̈ Said Leoardo Garibay when asked what his preface is on dancing with socks. At the end of the day socks can help a lot in dance but can still cause accidents. It’s best to not wear socks. For your safety and others.