Students staying fit while social distancing

Anel Sandoval, Assistant editor

Cottonwood students are staying fit while social distancing. Over these complicated times students and teachers haven’t forgotten the importance of staying fit. WHO (World Health Organization) recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensive exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous activity weekly. 

Self-quarantine can be stressful and challenging on mental health. According to WHO, “Self-quarantine can cause additional stress and challenge the mental health of citizens.” Physical activities and relaxation techniques can help with nerves and continue to help your health. Amanda Calton, counselor, said, “I have a very strong belief that physical activity is crucial to both our mental and physical health.”

Many people believe that getting up even to do the smallest activity is so important even during this pandemic. Getting some fresh air or going for a walk is a great way to stay active. Another great way to stay active is watching online workout videos. Teresa Olsen, counselor, said, “Find something you like and stick to that.”

As for everyone on a spring sports team. Even though times are difficult, staying fit for the season is still their number one priority. Faith Godina, junior, said, “I use the workouts that my coach gives me, other times I find workouts online.” 

Other ways of staying fit are watching what you eat. According to Healthline, “Unprocessed food is healthiest.” At times processed food is more accessible than fresh foods. Trying to eat the freshest foods you can, can make a difference. Ulises Alvarado, freshman, said, “Ways I’m staying active… are watching what I eat.”

Sometimes it may seem better to waste the day watching T.V. Then going outside to get some air or go for a walk.  Setting goals for yourself can be a good way to stay motivated throughout the day. Jami Spencer, biology teacher, said, “I also talk to my friends and family to get the support I need to stay motivated.”