Colt Roundup

2017-2018 Staff

Anthony carlisle


Greetings! My name is Anthony Carlisle. I’m a senior at Cottonwood class of '18, and my areas of expertise lie within opinion and factual articles. As a junior, I was a cheerleader for the Cottonwood Cheer team and went to Nationals...

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Ryley Sierra Lyons

Staff Writer

My name is Ryley Sierra Lyons, and I am a senior. I like writing informational articles. Napping, hanging out with friends, and cooking/eating are my go to activities. My favorite food is any pasta. I am a very engaged person and ...

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Elena Nava

Staff Writer

My name is Elena Nava and I am senior. I like to write opinion articles. My favorite thing to do outside of school is sleep.  I love the movie Step Brothers and my favorite food is pasta. When I am not at school, I am probab...

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Daniel Stone

Staff writer

My name is Daniel Stone and I am a senior at Cottonwood High School. I enjoy argumentative writing and that is why I joined journalism. I have two rottweiler puppies, and one older brother. My favorite thing to do outside of school i...

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Emeline fata'fehi Katoa

Staff Writter

My name is Emeline Fata’fehi Katoa, but I am often called Fehi by friends and family. I am a sophomore here at Cottonwood! I love Cottonwood and I always have Colt spirit! I love writing. I write about the trials in life I go thr...

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Kristen Tang

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Kristen Tang and I’m a sophomore. I like to write opinion pieces and news articles. My favorite book is “Howl’s Moving Castle” by Diana Wynne Jones and my favorite movie is “Tangled.” One of my favorites...

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Daniela Carrasco

Staff Writer

I’m Daniela Carrasco, and I’m in 12th grade. I enjoy volunteering at the Humane Society and reading all kinds of books. I have 7 pets and plan on having many more!  I would love to visit Thailand, as it has always been a dream o...

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Nicole Long

Opinion Section Editor/Staff Writer

Hey guys! My name is Nicole, and I am in 11th grade. I love to write in the informative genre, as in writing articles that will teach students about a subject; however, I am the section editor of opinion based articles. My favo...

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Erika Ramirez

Staff writer

Hello, My name is Erika Ramirez and I am a senior, class of 2018. My area of expertise in writing is opinion articles and doing research. Outside of school, I work out, and like to create art and write stories. I would like to ...

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Addie Wallace

Section Editor

Hello, I’m Addie, and I am a sophomore. I mainly write news articles, but my focus changes depending on the topic. I love to read. I don’t have a favorite book, but one of my favorite authors is Sarah J. Maas. A place I love...

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Mazana Boerboom

Section Editor

Hey, If you’re reading this, you must be pretty awesome. My name is Mazana Boerboom, I am a senior! Finally! I am an editor this year, in charge of the Arts and Entertainment section as well as getting the print paper out. My...

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Klasina Allred

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Klasina Allred, and I’m a sophomore at Cottonwood High School. My area of expertise is opinion articles. Outside of school, I read, write, and relax. My hobbies include writing, reading, drawing, and many othe...

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Anthony Hernandez

Staff writer

What’s sup, Colts? My name is Anthony Hernandez. I am a sophomore here at Cottonwood high school. I want to write about what’s going on in the world, so basically the news of my own opinion. My hobbies are playing baseball...

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Joshua Parker

Staff Writer, Photographer

Hi! My name is Joshua Parker, and I am a junior at Cottonwood High School. I’m the photographer for Colt Roundup. My favorite things to write about are sports and opinion based articles. My personality is very outgoing, confident, mo...

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Ashley Moreno

Staff Writer

Hi, My name is Ashley Moreno. I am a freshman. I’m very good at writing opinion articles. I’m a dancer and hopefully future cheerleader. I’m super energetic and I love to laugh. I’m also a very big bookworm. Michael Ve...

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Jordan Broadwell

staff writer

My name is Jordan Broadwell, and I am in 12th grade. My hobbies include playing a sport or working out. My favorite quote is by Kobe Bryant.  He said, “Heroes come and go but legends are forever.” One reason I joined jo...

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Maya Kimmel

staff writer

Hello! My name is Maya Kimmel, and I am a senior here at Cottonwood High School. I love writing about all kinds of different things. If I think it is interesting, I will definitely write about it. In my free time, I cheer and ...

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Tomas D'Anella

Assistant Editor and Sports Editor

My name is Tomas D'Anella. I'm a sports guy. I've grown up in sports, and I'm on the football and wrestling teams. I plan to try out for baseball in spring. Baseball is my favorite sport, and I dream of reporting on ESPN. I grew...

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