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McKenna ‘Rebel’ Keyes
Quote to Live by: "Never Give In," inspired by my favorite band Black Veil Brides.

Top 5 Songs on my Playlist: "We Don’t Belong"-Black Veil Brides, "Backseat Serenade"- All Time Low, "Dance with the Dead"- Get Scared, "Don’t You Dare Forget The Sun"- Get Scared,  "Fallen Angels"-Black Veil Brides

Favorite Book: Splintered trilogy and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Wonderland and a good Gothic romance.

Character I Relate to the Most: Sebastian Michaelis from the anime ‘Black Butler.’ He is the butler of an entire household and has to make sure everything is order. Everyone is taken care of before he can continue working hard at his job. I am like him because I am very very protective of my friends and my little family of four.  Sebastian and I have also both been through very hard times, and we’re still going strong.

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Black Butler but it is always changing or being added to. I love Black Butler, Full-metal Alchemist, and many other anime. For live shows, I always go for Supernatural and Once Upon a Time.

Favorite Hobby: My life outside of school is pretty boring, but I love doing one or two things in particular. I love cooking on my own terms. Creating tasty sweets is my favorite! I also volunteer at the Humane Society  - a lot. It’s basically my other life. You’ll definitely see me outside with the dogs and maybe even cuddling with the kittens. I love volunteering!

McKenna 'Rebel' Keyes, Staff Writer, Photographer

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