Boys´ Basketball Team Scores Greatest Season Since 2007


Boys’ Varsity Basketball Team 2022-2023 Photo by All Star Photography

Hunter Hudson, Editor

The boys´ basketball team achieved one of the greatest records in the school’s history this season. With a strong offense and great teamwork, they ran up a record of 23 – 2 and won their first regional title in over 15 years, culminating in reaching the state quarterfinals. The Timpview Thunderbirds won a narrow victory in a close match-up in the quarterfinals but that did not dampen the enthusiasm and pride of the Colt players and fans. 

“This year was a big come-around for Cottonwood,” said Peter Oguama, a sophomore player. “It’s been really amazing, it’s brought the community back together.”

One of the biggest strengths that the team developed this season compared to previous seasons is teamwork skills. With better communication, the players were able to strategize better and move the ball more easily.

“We just all really liked each other; we played really well together,” said Aidan Oliphant, a senior player. “No one was selfish–it was a very united team.”

Along with great communication skills, the team was also able to score lots of points with their offensive skills.

“We could score the basketball like the best of ‘em, that was for sure,” said Max Russo, a senior player. “It was really that we liked each other and that we like playing the game, so scoring came easy to us.”

When asked about advice for new players next season, Oliphant said, “Just keep working, even if you’re not playing varsity or junior varsity, just keep your head down, keep doing the work and you’ll get there.”

Overall, the team is very proud of how they performed this season, and they are keeping their expectations high for the next season. 

“Winning takes experience, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the team next year comes out harder, so I’m excited for the next year,” said Marc Miller, the team’s coach.